The front cover of the book Dominic's Ducks at the Zoo

Dominic's Ducks

at the Zoo

Written and illustrated by

Joanne McDonough

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The front cover of the book If You Say So

If You Say So

By Tad Liechty

Illustrated by Cecilia Berg

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The front cover of the book Martha and the Mutt

Martha and the Mutt

By Tad Liechty

Illustrated by Pat Kaufman

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Dominic's Ducks

Feisty Duck from Dominic's Ducks by Joanne McDonough

When Officer Dominic is dispatched to the cherry-red convertible at 1600 Greentree Road, he has no idea what he’s about to get himself into. But when all is said and done, Officer Dominic wouldn’t change a thing.

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Dominic's Ducks at the Zoo

Chief from Dominic's Ducks at the Zoo by Joanne McDonough

Officer Dominic has found a safe home at the City Zoo for seven orphaned ducklings. But Chief, the ducklings' unofficial leader, can't stay put for long. When he decides to explore his new home, adventure awaits!

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Martha and the Mutt

Martha's bench and lamppost from Martha and the Mutt by Tad Liechty

Shy and reserved, twelve-year-old Martha is happiest roaming the countryside with her beloved childhood blanket, named Maggie. But when her parents accept jobs at a prestigious hospital in Pittsburgh, Martha must adapt to a new house, new school, new neighborhood, new everything. Forging bonds with an elderly neighbor and a lost dog, she begins to adjust to her new life, but when the dog’s owner is found, Martha must face the possibility of giving up the mutt, a possibility that tests her new-found confidence and growing maturity.

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The King’s Cookies

The King's half eaten cookie from The King's Cookies by Tad Liechty

Everyone, especially King Julius, loves Cyril’s delicious chocolate chip cookies. Everyone, that is, except for the Ministers of Justice, Treasury, and Defense. Jealous and mean-spirited, they devise a plan that lands Cyril in the Royal Dungeon. Can Cicely find a way to free her father and restore order— and the kingdom’s favorite sweet treat—to the land?

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Just Say So: A Book About Idioms

Jules from Just Say So: A Book About Idioms by Tad Liechty

A determined Jules decides to go through the entire day doing exactly as he’s told, from shaking a leg first thing in the morning to hitting the sack last thing at night. That decision leads to a series of adventures—and misadventures—at home, on the school bus, in the classroom, on the playground, and in his neighborhood. Along the way, Jules and his best friend, Henry, discover that often, what someone says is not what they mean!

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If You Say So: A Book About English and Spanish Idioms

Jules, Sofía, and Henry from If You Say So: A Book About English and Spanish Idioms by Tad Liechty

The adventures continue when a new girl arrives in school, and Jules must show her the ropes. As he helps Sofía navigate her new school—and helps her understand the meanings of some everyday English expressions—Jules learns a few idioms himself—in Spanish!

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Meet Our Authors and Illustrators

Tad Liechty

A native of Cleveland, Ohio, Tad (Margaret) Liechty earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Education from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. She taught elementary school for 30 years, and one of her greatest joys was to share her love of reading, writing, and nature with children. A mother and grandmother, she continues to share her love of the written word and the natural world through both volunteer work and her own writing. The author of Just Say So, The King’s Cookies and Martha and the Mutt, Tad lives in in Oxford, Ohio with her husband Gil. Tad can be reached via email.

Joanne McDonough

Joanne McDonough is a life-long native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. When she isn’t caring for family or friends, she can be found gardening or creating art, both visually and in print. Joanne’s first children’s book, Dominic’s Ducks, grew out of her love of children and animals. A true story, it was written in the mid-1980s. Joanne put the story aside while she raised her daughter and grandson and also worked full-time. Retired now, Joanne dusted it off, and we are delighted that she did! Joanne’s family inspired her to follow her passion and reminded her that a person is never too old to do something they love.

Joanne McDonough at Dominic's Ducks Book Signing Event

Joanne's follow-up book, Dominic's Ducks at the Zoo, picks up where Dominic's Ducks leaves off and finds our fiesty little duckling with a name, Chief. Join Chief as his curiosity leads him on a new adventure!

For more on Joanne, visit her on Facebook or email.

Joanne McDonough at a Dominic's Ducks at the Zoo book signing event

Patricia Kaufman

Patricia Kaufman has created art all her life; her sense of style and eye for color and form have long imbued her home, her crafts, and her gardens with both beauty and whimsy. Several years ago, after a long and rewarding career as a high school history and social studies teacher, she took up watercolors, and has since developed a unique style that brings a touch of folk art to her work. Patricia draws her inspiration from the natural world, especially the gardens and woods around the Oxford, Ohio home she shares with her husband, Don; her beloved dogs, Tika and Hugo; and the myriad resident and migratory birds that frequent her feeders and gardens.

Mary Rehak

Mary Rehak grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where she received a BFA from Carnegie-Mellon University. She currently resides on the coast of Maine where she teaches visual art at Waynflete School, a private school located in the heart of Portland. She has two children in college, both pursuing creative majors. Mary considers herself a life-long learner and is currently enrolled at the University of Southern Maine working towards a graduate degree in Special Education. While she works in many mediums, Mary especially enjoys drawing. She felt honored to be asked to create the illustrations for Just Say So and The King’s Cookies.

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The front cover of the book Dominic's Ducks

Dominic's Ducks

Written and illustrated by

Joanne McDonough

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Just Say So Front Cover

Just Say So

By Tad Liechty

Illustrated by Mary Rehak

& Carolyn Farmer

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The front cover of The King's Cookies

The King's Cookies

By Tad Liechty

Illustrated by Mary Rehak

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The front cover of Biosphere 2000, 4th Edition

The Biosphere

By Donald Kaufman
and Cecilia Franz Berg